Herman Pillay

CEO – TCI Apparel

Herman Pillay is a passionate entrepreneur managing multiple businesses both locally and internationally. He is the Chairman and CEO of the TCI Apparel Group. He was introduced into the manufacturing sector 23 years ago by his dad and has owned and operated his own businesses for the past 20 years. His wealth of experience and forward-thinking attitude assisted in saving 2274 jobs when his company acquired Seardel in 2014. He later went on to increase a further 1386 jobs in the Group. With the ultimate focus on “people, planet, profit”, as he puts it, Herman has led TCI Apparel to discover their purpose whilst attaining a sustainable business model.

Herman felt optimistic despite the dire situation of the company, “Where others saw a disaster I saw an opportunity”. Sustaining existing jobs and creating new opportunities for employment was top priority. “Over the years, a large number of retrenchments destroyed the former group and employees lived under threat of losing their jobs. I had to persuade them to remain with the company by guaranteeing a focus on job security. We appreciate the support from the local retail industry in this regard. There is a lot of potential in South Africa and I am deeply invested in this country. I believe that we can make this nation a proud and productive one if we all work in support of this goal.

The Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union, has proved that this can be achieved by pledging their full support to TCI Apparel from day one as they partnered to secure a “better tomorrow” for workers in the sector. They are by far the most progressive workers union in Southern Africa.”Herman places the onus of social and economic stability on industry leaders and business owners, himself included, stating: “As business owners and entrepreneurs, we need to be putting our focus on our homeland and the people in our own communities; the result of this will vastly alleviate many of the socio-economic issues we face.”